Barclay Building Ecological Canvas by Couture Deco

New York Vintage - Ecological canvas




Designer's ecological canvas  - "High Definition Printing".

Our size:


71.20"(w) x 100"(h)

178cm (L) x 250cm (h)


Installation Method (non-provided):

- None woven removable wallpaper paste

- None woven permanent wallpaper paste 

- Staples, nails, 2 sided tape, velcro


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Made-to-order items, please allow 10 days for processing.

This wall picture explores traces of materials and of mankind through time. It is also a personal quest to transcend techniques and create a pictural adventure in marquetery, photography and glass.


Material: Removable or permanent, Jet Tex ecological canvas is a light textile (300g/m2). Ecological because it does not contain any PVC or carcinogenic products and reprotoxic typical fowls phtalates / phosphate / formaldehyde. Its ever-green process does not produce any VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). This product is highly fire-proof (M1 / Cl1 / NFPA 701/CSFM / MEA). Colors are lively and sensational by their grain (bead) and finish. No reflection or shine perturbs the perception of the picture or the text.


Designer: Atelier Lepenher