Balloons 2 Frosted Glass Decals by Couture Deco

Balloons 2 - Frosted Glass Decals





High quality frosted glass decal


  • Removable without damaging your walls
  • Easy to install 


Innovative frosted like solutions for windows, doors or any glass surfaces you may think of.

Great solution to add style, light and privacy to any room.


47.6"(w) x 86"(h)

(119 cm(l) x 215 cm(h))



(Model shown is using 2 set of balloon 1 frosted glass decal)



Usually ships in
2-5 business days


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Glass decor stickers dress your glass surfaces, windows or mirrors. This elegant and stylish decoration can also be a way to have more privacy when your house is over-looked by neighbor’s properties, or is located on a busy street. They are made with translucent frosted adhesive vinyl. You can use them on your windows anywhere in your house.

Designer: Karine Stader