Frosted Glass Decals - The climbing Plant by Couture eco

The Climbing Plant - Frosted Glass Decals




High quality frosted glass decal


  • Removable without damaging your walls
  • Easy to install 


Innovative frosted like solutions for windows, doors or any glass surfaces you may think of.

Great solution to add style, light and privacy to any room.

Choose your size:


B= 40"(w) x 60"(h) 

100cm(L) x 150cm(H)

C= 53"(w) x 80"(h) 

132cm(L) x 200cm(H) 

E= 66"(w) x 100"(h) 

165cm(L) x 250cm(H)


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2-5 business days


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Glass decor stickers dress your glass surfaces, windows or mirrors. This elegant and stylish decoration can also be a way to have more privacy when your house is over-looked by neighbor’s properties, or is located on a busy street. They are made with translucent frosted adhesive vinyl. You can use them on your windows anywhere in your house.

Designer: MZEL