Sticky Tiki Giraffe Mural Wall decals by Couture Deco

Giraffe Mural - Fabric Wall Decals


High quality handcrafted wall decal


  • Removable, reusable without damaging your walls

    Makes it easy to change as babies and kids grow
  • Easy to install 
  • Apply on walls, glass, doors, floors, ceilings, furniture...
  • No messy process such as painting
  • Transform your home in just minutes

This gorgeous patterned Giraffe mural is reminiscent of 60s wallpaper. They have been inspired by nature, a little touch of surrealism, and a fond appreciation of pattern. These beautiful creatures will add a touch of elegant whimsy to any decor.


Model contents: 

  • 1 x large Giraffe
  • 2 x medium Giraffes
  • 1 x large Acacia tree
  • 1 x small Acacia tree
  • 5 x Butterflies
  • 3 x birds
  • 1 x flower


Sheet size: 28 x 46 inches (71cm x 116cm)



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All of Sticky Tiki designs are original hand painted/crafted designs on fabric adhesive using only eco inks that are washable, kind to your walls, kind to the environment, and most importantly kind to our little people!