Style your door trompe-l'oeil Japanese room by Couture Deco

Japanese - Trompe l'oeil



Interior doors are mostly dull and often unimaginative. But that’s all changed now! These full-surface, high-quality photo films can give boring interior doors a whole new look. And suddenly there’s something “behind a door” that you normally wouldn’t find or expect.
The 3D motifs are deceptively realistic and will cause family, neighbours and friends to stop and stare!


Easy-care, washable photo film, for indoor use.


Size:  84" x 36"

(210 cm x 90 cm)



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10-14 business days


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Brief instruction: 

1. Take around 15 – 30 minutes of your time
2. Unpack the photo film
3. Adjust and/or trim the photo film to size if needed
4. Remove doorknob, attach photo film to door with included tape, reattach doorknob
5. That’s it!

Please note that the door billboards are only suitable for smooth interior doors. 
It doesn’t matter what material (metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.) your interior door is made from. 

Your door billboard comes complete with a separate, double-sided adhesive tape and can be attached immediately!