Koziel Brushed steel beam - Trompe l'oeil Wallpaper  by Couture déco

Brushed steel beam - Wallpaper




Who never dreamt of moving into a former artist’s studio or an industrial loft? This new and exclusive collection of steel beam trompe l’œil wallpapers will give your interior the charm and the authenticity of the most atypical livings. Applied on walls or ceilings, the steel beam wallpaper friezes magically transform your interior into a loft or a studio. Thanks to sophisticated texture effects and great attention to details, the extreme realism of these creations will trick (almost) everyone !

This wall paper is a true realistic decor made with superior-quality paper.



  • Non woven wall paper = Easy + fast to apply

1 roll : 0,87 feet x 16,40 feet (0,265 m  x 5 m)



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Non woven wallpaper = easy to apply. Glue are applied directly on the wall, not on the wallpaper.