Koziel Retro counter Wainscott paneling wallpaper.

Retro counter Wainscott - Wallpaper



Recreate a true 1900's ambiance in your home.

Woodwork lovers won't resist the appeal of this brand new wainscot : a faux wooden sculpted panel coming straight back from the early 1900's.

This incredible design reveals each and every detail of the grain, enhancing the craftsman's work who passionately sculpted this panel. The light and shadow effects provide an astonishing contrast to this picture, thus increasing the illusion of volume.

These magnificent panels will gracefully dress up your walls and counters. The trick is a success ! Now all eyes will stare at this wonderful wallpaper which totally gives consistency and life to a faux wainscot.


Wallpaper to hung horizontally in the lower part of the wall.


  •  Non woven wall paper = Easy + fast to apply


1 roll : 2,95 feet x 3,47 feet (0,90 m x 1.06 m)


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Non woven wallpaper = easy to apply. Glue are applied directly on the wall, not on the wallpaper.