Koziel Blue Bricks - Trompe l'oeil Wallpaper  by Couture déco

Blue Brick - Wallpaper

Trompe-l'oeil Blue Brick Wall Paper



Facing you is a wall of blue bricks which have proudly weathered the passing of time. They reach out and touch us with their delightfully irregular surface, and their typically porous grain, ashy red colour, and time-worn joints. It is this conjunction of imperfections that captures the eye and creates an impression of genuineness that has undoubtedly never before been achieved!
This wall paper is a true realistic decor made with superior-quality paper, with a brick touch & feel.


  • Non woven wall paper = Easy + fast to apply

1 roll : 33 feet x 1.74 feet (10mx53cm)


For wall height between 7.2 feet and 8.5 feet, you'll be able to cover 5.2 feet width

(=For wall height between 220cm and 260cm you'll be able to cover 159cm width) 



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Non woven wallpaper = easy to apply. Glue are applied directly on the wall, not on the wallpaper.